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ESO 2020 Details
A detailed look at our 27th annual Elemenatary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School including the 22 events, general competition rules, and important registration and competition dates.

ESO 2020 Event Schedule
22 events, 5 hours of competition. Check the ESO 2020 Schedule Grid to see how the events line up. By group: Newton, Hubble, Einstein.

ESO 2020 Groups
Newton, Hubble, or Einstein? See who's in the field for ESO 2020.

ESO 2020 Rule Clarifications
Now all in one place. Download our event checklist with the specific information and clarifications you need for each of our 22 events. Version 1 available for 2020 (lacks event times and rooms).

ESO 2020 Event Pre-Registration
Complete this quick form (via doodle.com) to tell us in which events your team will be participating. Please submit by January 31st. To make changes, just resubmit this form.

ESO 2020 Tentative Team Roster
Let us know who's on your team. Submit your tentative team roster by January 31st. To make changes, simply email us via our Contact Us page. Or, you can make changes on the morning of the Olympiad.

ESO 2020 Pizza Preorders
Think your team will be hungry on Olympiad Saturday? Well, we'll have breakfast foods and some light snacks available for sale, but you can also preorder whole pizzas for your team. Pizza orders will be accepted through Tuesday, February 18th.

ESO 2020 Table Requests
Want to have your team's home base in the cafeteria. Request table space by Wednesday, February 12th.

Maps, Directions, and Admission Tickets
JHS 1st Floor (All) and JHS 2nd Floor (All) Updated for 2020
Maps of Jacksonville High School to help your students locate their event rooms. Set your print settings for "Landscape" mode for optimal printing. You may need to adjust your print margins to 0.5 or less.

Directions to Jacksonville
Looking for Jacksonville? Here are some directions to help you find our friendly city and a map to the Jacksonville High School.

ESO Admission Tickets (Blank) | ESO Admission Tickets (Fill-In) - PDF File
Your students will need an admission ticket for each event. Just one ticket per event, not student. Simply print and copy the ticket form and complete (legibly) prior to the Olympiad, or type into the fill-in version, then print for each event. Tickets help us account for each team in the events and are used to read the winners' names during the awards ceremony.

A Look Back at ESO at JHS since 2005
Jacksonville High School has been hosting an annual Elementary Science Olympiad for Alabama students since 1993. Get details from the past 15 Olympiads: ESO 2005 Final Facts, ESO 2006 Final Facts, ESO 2007 Final Facts, ESO 2008 Final Facts, ESO 2009 Final Facts, ESO 2010 Final Facts, and ESO 2011 Final Facts, ESO 2012 Final Facts, ESO 2013 Final Facts, ESO 2014 Final Facts, ESO 2015 Final Facts, ESO 2016 Final Facts, ESO 2017 Final Facts, ESO 2018 Final Facts, and ESO 2019 Finals Facts pages. Or, look over our lists of medalists from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019.

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