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ESO 2008 Award Winners
Here's the complete listing of medalists and team trophy winners from Elementary Science Olympiad 2008 at Jacksonville High School. See a typo? Email us and we'll fix it!.


1st: Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville)
2nd: Donoho School (Anniston)
3rd: St. Bede Catholic (Montgomery)
4th: Drew Middle (Lincoln)


In celebrating 15 years of the ESO at JHS, these 15 events were part of the 1st ESO at JHS in 1993.

A is for Anatomy
1st: Kitty Stone - Lawrence Smith, Jasmin Revanna
2nd: St. Bede - Ashley Karst, Ashley Kim
3rd: Clay - Natalie Songer, Jordyn Polito
4th: Donoho - Richard Bateman, Aliyah Salame

1st: St. Bede - Patrick O'Mara, Emily Barranco
2nd: Paine - Mitchell Disharoon, Nathan Robinson
3rd: Donoho - Axis Heathcock, Patrick Huang
4th: McAdory - David Glover, Jared Campbell

Barge Building
1st: Saks Middle - Frankie Waits, Anthony Howell
2nd: Kitty Stone - Jacob McCreless, John Curtis Mackey
3rd: St. Bede - Jacob Hulcher, Sean Federspill
4th: Crumly Chapel - Kamilah Muhammad, Makayla Archie

Calculator Contest
1st: Donoho - Mark Simmons
2nd: Kitty Stone - Courtney Bowden
3rd: Stowers Hill - Bryce Anderson
4th: Drew - Quinton Turner

1st: Donoho - Amanda Sherer, Katey Skinner, Aliyah Salame
2nd: Kitty Stone - Charles Connor Ryan, Ashley Barry, Allyce Cole
3rd: St. Bede - Anna Mills, Ashley Barranco, Maddie O'Mara
4th: Saks Middle - Miranda Chauncey, Montez Boyd, Kendyl Womack

Egg Drop
1st: Saks Middle - Markaveous Barnes, Mikey Monday
2nd: Donoho - Jackson Bellin, Max Garrett
3rd: Hueytown - Lexie Black, Sarah Burgner
4th: Lipscomb - Abby Allen, Chelsea Wheeler

1st: Kitty Stone - Virginia Poe, Katie Cline
2nd: Saks Elementary - Lauren Findley, Armand English
3rd: Pleasant Grove - Bailey Sloan, Emily Traweek
4th: Stowers Hill - Kaleb Nelms, Ben Brewer

Grab a Gram
1st: Donoho - Ben Myrick, Dalten Martin
2nd: Gardendale - Cameron Decker, Phillip Choi
3rd: Munford - Kayla Franklin, Hunter MaCoy
4th: Pleasant Grove - Jacob Langdon, Christian Elom

How Do You Spell Science?
1st: Donoho - Patrick Huang, Mary Elizabeth Mathison
2nd: St. Bede - Ann Marie Dean, Anna Mills
3rd: Gardendale - Jessica Jones, Matthew McGrady
4th: Stowers Hill - Timothy Wardow, Peter Blanchard

1st: St. Bede - Tara Bourke, Andrew Bomberg, Clay Ronan, Anna Mills
2nd: Drew - Chance Byrd, Tyler Felgel, Rachel Castle, Kayla Ramsey
3rd: Gardendale - Austin Green, Tristan Van Bogart, Savannah DeLuca, Jessica Jones
4th: Clay - Ashley Abrasley, Annaleigh Cole, Matthew Calvert, Derrick Parker

Picture This
1st: Kitty Stone - Courtney Bowden, Jasmin Revanna, Kennedy Delap
2nd: Paine - Rachel Bailes, Katie Witte, Alison Moore
3rd: Crumly Chapel - Kayla Frazier, Makayla Archie, Drew Jeffers
4th: Donoho - Kendra Crawford, Aliyah Salame, Trey Brown

Reflection Relay
1st: Kitty Stone - Jacob McCreless, Spencer Pace, John Curtis Mackey
2nd: Donoho - Samuel Garner, Meredith Howell, Thomas Conley
3rd: Stowers Hill - Bryce Anderson, Kaitlin Fleming, Peter Blanchard
4th: Paine - David Walker, Jacob Spriuell, Joseph Kerns

Solid, Liquid, or Gas
1st: Kitty Stone - Katie Cline, Aubrey Kirk
2nd: Hueytown - Lucy Kornegay, Charity Bailey
3rd: Clay - Alex Norman, Jordyn Polito
4th: Saks Elementary - Coleton Cram, Beth Rissler

Weather or Not
1st: Donoho - Axis Heathcock, Jesse McWilliams
2nd: Kitty Stone - Lacy Fritner, Nina Bidikov
3rd: Drew - Corey Mills, Keagan Cochran
4th: St. Bede - Lindsey Guin, Mandy Jones

Write It, Do It
1st: Clay - Natalie Songer, Jordyn Polito, Darcie Evans, Cole Baker
2nd: Donoho - Amanda Sherer, Katie Skinner, Kendra Crawford, Autumn Miller
3rd: Pleasant Grove - Madelyn Taylor, TC Fox, Jordan Kurtz, Danielle Mitchell
4th: Kitty Stone - Alyce Cole, Jasmin Revanna, Robbie Hester, Garrison Cunningham

The remaining 13 events have become favorites since our first year.

Boggle Science
1st: Donoho - Amanda Sherer, Mary Elizabeth Mathison
2nd: Pleasant Grove - Emily Traweek, Bailey Sloan
3rd: Drew - Will Hendon, Austin Blanton
4th: McAdory - Alexis Baldwin , Jacob Ali

Bridging the Gap
1st: Winterboro - Amber Johnson, Katelyn Shirey
2nd: Kitty Stone - Lawrence Smith, Daniel Dempsey
3rd: Pleasant Grove - Tradd Schmidt, Jacob Langdon
4th: St. Bede - Alex Castanza, Mary Janet McLaughlin

Chopper Challenge
1st: St. Bede - Patrick O'Mara, Andrew Bomberg
2nd: Saks Middle - Wade Thomas, Aaron Dodson
3rd: Saks Elementary - Anna Nelson, Severine Alford
4th: Paine - Benjamin Toves, Logan Henderson

Cutting Edge
1st: Pleasant Grove - Jamie McCormick, Christian Elom
2nd: Kitty Stone - John Curtis Mackey, Spencer Pace
3rd: Drew - Nicholas Smith, Johnathan Gaston
4th: Saks Elementary - Ellen Campbell, Jacob Guede

Deep Blue Sea
1st: St. Bede - Marissa Dogan, Clay Ronan
2nd: Kitty Stone - Garrison Cunningham, Katie Cline
3rd: Gardendale - Rachel Stokes, Austin Green
4th: Donoho - Parker Morgan, Trey Brown

Don't Bug Me
1st: St. Bede - Allie Micher, Marissa Dogan
2nd: Kitty Stone - Aubrey Kirk, Kennedy Delap
3rd: McAdory - Caleb Gentry, Alex Foster
4th: Pleasant Grove - Jamie McCormick, Jake Sloan

Metric Mania
1st: Saks Elementary - Samuel Castillo, Sean Robinson
2nd: Donoho - Raj Kashyap, Mark Simmons
3rd: Kitty Stone - Courtney Bowden, Charles Connor Ryan
4th: St. Bede - Andrew Bomberg, Tara Bourke

Mystery Architecture
1st: Kitty Stone - Virginia Poe, Robbie Hester
2nd: St. Bede - Emily Barranco, Paige Barranco
3rd: Hueytown - Pierce Lagle, Keantez Mitchell
4th: Donoho - Katey Skinner, Dalten Martin

Science Detectives
1st: St. Bede - Clay Ronan, Mary Janet McLaughlin
2nd: Munford - Jessica Daily, Becca Fuller
3rd: Paine - Alex Arnold, Joseph Kerns
4th: Kitty Stone - Robbie Hester, Spencer Pace

Starry, Starry Night
1st: St. Bede - Mary Janet McLaughlin, Ann Marie Dean
2nd: Clay - Jordyn Polito, Natalie Songer
3rd: Drew - Tyler Flegel, Austin Phillips
4th: Saks Middle - Jose Ortiz-Rodriguez, Zachary Baeza

What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
1st: Stowers Hill - Bryce Anderson, Timothy Wardlow
2nd: McAdory - Caleb Gentry
3rd: Drew - Kolby Zuspan, Austin Phillips
4th: Clay - Alex Norman, Cole Baker

Which Way's North
1st: Kitty Stone - Daniel Dempsey, Lacy Frintner
2nd: Clay - Jordyn Polito, Natalie Songer
3rd: Drew - Chance Byrd, Kolby Zuspan
4th: St. Bede - Mandy Jones, Mary Reagan Starrett

Wildlife Safari
1st: Paine - Emma Smith, Stephanie Gerakines
2nd: St. Bede - Paige Barranco, Tara Bourke
3rd: Kitty Stone - Aubrey Kirk, Anna Jackson
4th: Donoho - Samuel Garner, Anna Laurie Cotton

Updated: February 24, 2008.

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