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ESO 2012 Final Facts
Announcing the 2013 Team Winners
The Donoho School of Anniston earned medals in 18 of 28 events including 8 first place finishes to win the overall team title in the 2013 Elementary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School on Saturday, February 23rd, edging out Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville) for the third straight year. It was Donoho's 9th title in ESO at JHS's 20 years, trailing only Kitty Stone's 10 championships. Clanton Intermediate (Clanton) took third. Gardendale (Gardendale), Mt. Olive (Mt. Olive) and Montgomery Catholic finished #4 through #6 in the overall team standings.

2013 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of over 350 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2013 at Jacksonville High School.

Competition and Awards Ceremony Photos
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4th place medalists Cole Stafford and Brody Bean from Kitty Stone build their tower in Mystery Architecture. Excalibur Christian School's Jonathan Abrautes and Jospeh Dunbar fly planes in Propeller Propulsion.
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Oak Grove's Racheal Myers and Jay Morris at work in Space Invaders. 4th place finishers Chaz Hart and Caleb Holland from Clay Elementary hunt for answers in Map Reading.
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The cafeteria: Home to about half the ESO at JHS crowd during the competition. Mt. Olive's Colby Lewis and Nick Tolbert, 4th place medalists, work to collect 50 grams of buttons in Grab a Gram.
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Sketchers work to draw pictures depicting science terms in Quick Sketch. Another sketcher selects a colored pencil for her art in Quick Sketch.

The Big Individual Winners
Fifteen students captured three medals each: Clanton's Blake Moates; Donoho's James Perry, Ben Schmitt, Charlie Smith, Madelyn Thompson, and Emma Wiedmer; Excalibur's Jack Maurer and Todd Morgan; Gardendale's Owen Turrentine; Kitty Stone's Brody Bean, Emma Cockrell, Kyuna Kim, and Jackson Meade; and Oak Grove's Ryleigh Crawford and Ashlyn Odom. Six participants picked up gold medals in two events including Clay's Jacob Glidewell and James Perry, Ben Schmitt, Charlie Smith, Blake Steed, and Emma Wiedmer of Donoho.

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Bronze medalists Trinity Johnson and Sydney Taylor from Crumly Chapel in What Are You Trying to Tell Me? Brighton's Dymond Pickett and Rico Pickett work together in What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
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Montgomery Catholic's Scott Nation and Katie Rose Perkins measure shapes in Geometrics. Paine's Kendall Kingry, Meg Dooley, and Haley Panos bounce a laser beam with mirrors in Reflection Relay.
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Paine Intermediate drops its contraption protecting an egg in Crash Landing. Thompson Intermediate follows with its drop in front of the crowd in the gym.
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Silver medalists Mikailyn McCarty and Racheal Myers prepare to launch their vehicle in Pastamobile. The staff chases after the vehicle of Gardendale's Owen Turrentine and Jerry Chen, 4th place finishers in Pastamobile.

Celebrating 20 Years of ESO at JHS
Jacksonville High School celebrated its 20th year of hosting Elementary Science Olympiad competitions with a record 33 teams in the field. From just 4 schools in 1993 to 33 in 2013, ESO's impact on education in Alabama is bigger than ever. Over 650 students participated in events in 2013 including students from Adamsville, Ashville, Brighton, Brookville, Bryan, Chalkville, Clanton, Clay, Corner, Crumly Chapel, Donoho, Erwin, Excalibur Christian, Fultondale, Gardendale, Gresham, Hillview, Hueytown, Irondale, Jefferson Christian, Kermit Johnson, Kitty Stone, Lipscomb, Minor, Montgomery Catholic, Mt. Olive, North Highland, Oak Grove, Paine, Pleasant Grove, Saks Middle, Thompson, and West Jefferson. Thanks for helping make ESO 2013 yet another huge success!

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A crowd of over 1,200 gathers to watch the awarding of over 300 medals during the afternoon awards ceremony in the gym. Hueytown's Aaron Casper, Sam Al-Essa, Max Roper, and Jameson McLeod collect medals for Write It, Do It.
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The Thompson crowd celebrates its first place finish by Asher Smith and James Deblock in Weather or Not. Erwin's Tatiyana Williams and Katrice Colvin are excited with their medals from Mystery Architecture.
- -
Mt. Olive students celebrate with
their 5th place team trophy.
Gardendale students line up to get
to the 4th place team trophy.
- -
Clanton students claim
the 3rd place team trophy.
Kitty Stone students accept
the 2nd place team trophy.
- -
Donoho rushes to collect its
championship triphy.
Donoho team members gather to celebrate their team title.

Updated: February 25, 2013.

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