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ESO 2012 Final Facts
Announcing the 2012 Team Winners
The Donoho School of Anniston earned medals in 20 of 28 events including 3 first place and 6 second place finishes to win the overall team title in the 2012 Elementary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School on Saturday, February 18th, edging out Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville) for the second straight year. Montgomery Catholic took third. Clanton Intermediate (Clanton), Paine Intermediate (Trussville) and Gardendale (Gardendale) finished #4 through #6 in the overall team standings.

2012 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of over 350 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2012 at Jacksonville High School.

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Pleasant Grove's Anthony Smith and Kirsten Holland compete in Geometrics. MSAT's Arden Markin at work in Geometrics.
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Teams compute measurements in Geometrics. Gold medalists Pearl Simmons and Sarah Abdul-Ghani from Donoho celebrate a correct answer in Scrabble Sprint.
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Students grab their calculators to find the answers in Calculator Contest. Silver medalists Gina Patterson and Kyle Scott from Minor search for science terms
in Boggle Science.
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6th place finisher Shae Lovelady from Paine Intermediate works on her
sketches in Quick Sketch.
Gresham's Devin Davis and Gabe Anselmo read graphs in
What Are You Trying to Tell Me?.
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Gold medalists Elizabeth Poe and Emma Cockrell of Kitty Stone pause to smile for the camera in Estimania. Jefferson Christian Academy's Sonali Albus and Vanessa Njuguna are also ready for their photo in Estimania.
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Crumly Chapel team members prepare to race their vehicle in Pastamobile. Medalists Ingrid Chavez and Tre Mitchell from Chalkville wait for their bridge to be measured in Bridging the Gap.

The Big Individual Winners
Nine students captured three medals each: Kitty Stone's Kyuna Kim (Cranium Command, Geometrics, Name the Scientist), Clay's Dawson Landrum (Calculator Contest, Geometrics, Triple Play), and Kylie Holland from Pleasant Grove (Grab a Gram, Simple Machines, Write It, Do It). Donoho had six students earning three medals in 2012: Pearl Simmons (Geometrics, Scrabble Sprint, Triple Play), Olivia Davis (Calculator Contest, Third Rock from the Sun, Triple Play), James Perry (Cranium Command; Starry, Starry Night; Knock, Knock, Who's There?), Sarah Abdul-Ghani (Boggle Science, Grab a Gram, Scrabble Sprint), Hamza Abdul-Ghani (Cranium Command, Propeller Propulsion, Starry, Starry Night), and Bryant Barrentine (In Bloom; Knock, Knock, Who's There?; and Write It, Do It).
Donoho's Pearl Simmons & Sarah Abdul-Ghani and Kitty Stone's Jonah McCreless (Get Your Bearing, Pastamobile) were the only three participants to pick up gold medals in two events.

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5th place finishers Paine's Daniel Dukes and Meagan Parker at work in Starry, Starry Night. Jefferson Christian's Kaelin Tucker and Meredith Kaletski take a short break during Starry, Starry Night.
Kinsley Scholl and Sarah Drake of Bryan Elementary work on their description in Write It, Do It. Writers prepare instructions for doers in Write It, Do It.
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Bagley's Asa Knox and Caroline East proudly display their contraption
in Crash Landing.
North Highland prepares for its drop in Crash Landing.
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Fultondale's Angela Zheng concentrates on her drop in Crash Landing. Celebration after the thumbs-up in Crash Landing indicating the egg did not break.
- -
Ashville's Alyssa Farmer watches intently as her egg and device heads for the floor in Crash Landing. The Paine team videos its drop
in Crash Landing.

ESO at JHS 2012: Another Big Year
Congrats to all 30 of our participating schools in the one of the largest ESO at JHS competitions in our 19-year history. Over 630 students participated in events in 2012 including students from Adamsville, Ashville, Bagley, Brookville, Bryan, Chalkville, Clanton, Clay, Corner, Crumly Chapel, Donoho, Fultondale, Gardendale, Gresham, Irondale, Jefferson Christian, Kermit Johnson, Kitty Stone, Minor, Montgomery Catholic, MSAT, Mt. Olive, North Highland, Oak Grove, Paine, Pleasant Grove, Saks Middle, Wellborn, and West Jefferson. Thanks for helping make ESO 2012 a huge success!

- -
Chalkville team members collect medals during the afternoon awards ceremony. Paine Intermediate students celebrate with their 5th place team trophy.
- -
Clanton students claim
the 4th place team trophy.
Montgomery Catholic proudly displays its
3rd place team trophy.
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Members of the 2nd place Kitty Stone team pose for a team photo. Donoho team members gather to celebrate their team title.

Updated: February 20, 2012.

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