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ESO 2014 Final Facts
Announcing the 2014 Team Winners
Kitty Stone Elementary School of Jacksonville earned medals in 17 of 28 events including 6 first place finishes to win the overall team title in the 2014 Elementary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School on Saturday, February 15th. It is the first team championship for Kitty Stone since 2008. Clanton Intermediate finished 2nd, its highest finish ever. Donoho (Anniston) was third followed by Corner in 4th, Montgomery Catholic in 5th, and Mt. Olive in 6th in the overall team standings.

2014 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of over 350 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2014 at Jacksonville High School.

Competition and Awards Ceremony Photos
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Silver medalists Josh Couch and
Stephanie Mikatarian at work in
Grab a Gram.
The Bryan team works to get 50 grams
of playing cards in Grab a Gram.
- -
The squad from Corner masses
tinker toys in Grab a Gram.
Gold medalists Katherine O'Connor and
Clare Wilson from Montgomery Catholic
in What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
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Bronze medalists Campbell Hagan and Adam Stremmell from Donoho work together in Third Rock from the Sun. Members of the Clay and Fultondale teams are tested on geology in
Third Rock from the Sun.
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The Excalibur team crafts its bridge
to hold an eraser in Bridging the Gap.
Teams work to locate science words
in Boggle Science.

The Big Individual Winners
Sixteen students captured three medals each: Clanton's Will Ashley, John Green, & Christy Xie; Corner's Anna Harris & Lauren Myrick; Donoho's Adam Stremmel, Isabella Nelson, & Savannah Frickey; Gardendale's Cole Willett; Kitty Stone's Brandon Barnett, Jackson Moses, Coleman Oliver, Brooke Raulerson, & Austin Radomsky; and Montgomery Catholic's Bobby Crawford and Clare Wilson. Three participants picked up gold medals in two events including Clare Wilson from Montgomery Catholic and Brandon Barnett & Brooke Raulerson from Kitty Stone.

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Oak Grove team members move mirrors into position in Reflection Relay. Donoho team members strategize over
geometry problems in Geometrics.
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Gold medalists Will Nesmith and Carson Kim convert metric units in Geometrics. Participants from Lipscomb, Clanton, Gresham, and Hillview at work in
- -
Paine Intermediate's Sean Dardeau and Bobby Stanbery, bronze medalists, look at food labels in Food for Thought. Gold medalists Hannah Grace Weathers and Brooke Raulerson from Kitty Stone identify nutrients in Food for Thought.

Celebrating 21 Years of ESO at JHS
Jacksonville High School celebrated its 21st year of hosting Elementary Science Olympiad competitions with 32 participating teams. From just 4 schools in 1993 to over 30 each year since 2010. Today, ESO's impact on education in Alabama is bigger than ever. Nearly 650 students participated in events in 2014 including students from Adamsville, Ashville, Bryan, Chalkville, Clanton, Clay, Corner, Crumly Chapel, Donoho, Erwin, Excalibur Christian, Faith Christian, Fultondale, Gardendale, Gresham, Hillview, Hueytown, Irondale, Jefferson Christian, Kermit Johnson, Kitty Stone, Lipscomb, Minor, Montgomery Catholic, Mt. Olive, North Highland, Oak Grove, Paine, Pleasant Grove, Saks Middle, and West Jefferson. Thanks for helping make ESO 2014 yet another huge success!

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Sketchers draw science terms for their partners in Quick Sketch. Teams navigate themselves across a state map in Which Way's North?
- -
The Faith Christian team looks over their supplies in Crash Landing. Jefferson Christian Academy team members construct their egg drop device in Crash Landing.
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Mt. Olive's Isabelle Combs and Avery Saxon collect their silver medals for a 2nd place finish in A is for Anatomy. Ashville's Hannah England and Grace Staples earn 5th place medals in
In Bloom.
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A crowd of 1,000+ gathers to watch the awarding of over 300 medals during the afternoon awards ceremony in the gym. Jacksonville's Kitty Stone Elementary
rushes to collect its ESO 2014
championship trophy.

Updated: February 20, 2014.

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