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ESO 2010 Final Facts
Announcing the 2010 Team Winners
Montgomery Catholic earned medals in 17 of 28 events including 4 first place and 4 second place finishes to win the overall team title in the 2010 Elementary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School on Saturday, February 27th. Perennial favorites Donoho (Anniston) and Kitty Stone (Jacksonville) finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Saks Middle (Anniston) captured 4th, its best finish ever. Gardendale (Gardendale) and Corner (Warrior) finished 5th and 6th in the overall team standings.

With its team title, Montgomery Catholic (formerly St. Bede Catholic) became the first school from outside of Calhoun County to win the ESO at JHS team title in the 17-year history of the competition.

2010 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of over 360 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2010 at Jacksonville High School.

5th place finishers Kailey Murray and Justin Thomason from Gardendale
at work in Which Way's North?
Participants scan their maps for
answers in Which Way's North?

- -
The Hueytown and Donoho teams
hard at work in Triple Play.
The Bryan Elementary team works
together in Triple Play.

- -
5th place finishers Braxton Baird and
Quinton Harvill from Jefferson Christian Academy look on as their tower is
measured in Mystery Architecture.
Gold medalists Kody Hightower and
Andrew Roberts from Lincoln find it hard
to watch as their winning tower is measured in Mystery Architecture.

The Big Individual Winners
Clay Elementary's Blake Petty was the day's big individual winner. Petty took home medals in 5 different events (Calculator Contest, Cranium Command, Geometrics, Grab a Gram, & In Bloom). Gardendale Elementary's Justin Thomason (Cutting Edge, Estimania, Triple Play, & Which Way's North?), Corner's Meghanne Helms (Calculator Contest, Geometrics, Grab a Gram, &Which Way's North?), and Donoho's Mark Simmons (Calculator Contest, Geometrics, Science Detectives, & Starry, Starry Night) each won 4 individual medals in ESO 2010. Simmons (Calculator Contest & Science Detectives) and Montgomery Catholic's Ashleigh Little (Going Green & Knock, Knock, Who's There?) were the only 2 student participants to win 2 gold medals on the day.

- -
4th place finishers Payne Crump & Cody Franklin from Oak Grove construct
their choppers in Chopper Challenge.
A Bryan Elementary participant throws
his plane in Propeller Propulsion.

- -
Wellborn Elementary students work on
an answer in Food for Thought.
The Chalkville team compute an
answer in Weather or Not.

- -
The crowd gathers for another launch
in Pastamobile.
Stowers Hill students launch their
Pastamobile down the ramp.

ESO at JHS 2010: Our Biggest Ever!
Congrats to all 33 of our participating schools in the largest ESO at JHS competition in our 17-year history. Over 650 students participated in events in 2010 including students from Adamsville, Alexandria, Ashville, ASFL, Brookville, Bryan, Chalkville, Clay, Corner, Crumly Chapel, Donoho, Gardendale, Hillview, Hueytown, Irondale, Jefferson Christian, Kermit Johnson, Kitty Stone, Lincoln, Lipscomb, Minor, Montgomery Catholic, North Highland, Oak Grove, Paine, Pleasant Grove, Saks Elementary, Saks Middle, Stowers Hill, Tenth Street, Trinity Presbyterian, Wellborn, and West Jefferson. Thanks for helping make ESO 2010 a huge success!

- -
Over 1,200 people were part of the afternoon Awards Ceremony. Members of the Kitty Stone team
celebrate their 3rd place team finish.

- -
Donoho students pose with their
2nd place team trophy.
Montgomery Catholic students celebrate with their 1st place team trophy.

- -
Bryan Elementary's William Gover and Owen Bradford pose with their gold
medals from Cutting Edge.
Hillview's Aundrea Williams, David Lottier, and Jaylin Giles style their medals from Chopper Challenge and Estimania.

Updated: February 28, 2010.

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