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ESO 2013 Award Winners
Here's the complete listing of medalists and team trophy winners from Elementary Science Olympiad 2013 at Jacksonville High School. See a typo? Email us and we'll fix it!.


1st: Donoho School (Anniston)
2nd: Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville)
3rd: Clanton Intermediate (Clanton)
4th: Gardendale Elementary (Gardendale)
5th: Mt. Olive Elementary (Mt. Olive)
6th: Montgomery Catholic (Montgomery)



Calculator Contest
1st: Clay - Jacob Glidewell
2nd: Excalibur CS - Jack Maurer
3rd: Kitty Stone - Cayla Petty
4th: Bryan - Harrison Drummonds
5th: Kermit Johnson - Michael Stewart
6th: Jefferson CA - Kaelin Tucker

Grab a Gram
1st: Montgomery Catholic - Anna Sadie, Michael Hodges
2nd: Kitty Stone - Brody Bean, Coleman Oliver
3rd: Paine - Kenely Gibson, Davis Green
4th: Mt. Olive - Colby Lewis, Nick Tolbert
5th: Donoho - Hannah Salame, Dalton Nelson
6th: Lipscomb - Charli Burkart, Jayla Cole

Weather or Not
1st: Thompson - Asher Smith, James DeBlock
2nd: Kitty Stone - Adrianna Nix, Parker Comisac
3rd: Donoho - Trevor Crow, Grayson Marlowe
4th: Gardendale - Erin Doggett, Luke Cravey
5th: Paine - Caleb Hickman, Halli Reese
6th: Clanton - Diana Gillespie, Claire Staggs

Write It, Do It
1st: Clay - Olivia Grigbsy, Lauren Coggins, Julia Petty, Alex Fields
2nd: Jefferson CA - Micah Thrower, Shelby Walker, Jillian Taggart, Morgan Wormely
3rd: Oak Grove - Ryleigh Crawford, Ashlyn Odom, Kaylen Price, Mallory Smith
4th: Irondale - Lexi Griffin, Nick Heiser, Davis Mellown, George Hassard
5th: West Jefferson - Jaclyn Durham, Alex Hidalgo, Grace Ambrose, Edwin Cruz
6th: Hueytown - Aaron Casper, Sam Al-Essa, Max Roper, Jameson McLeod


A is for Anatomy
1st: Donoho - Ben Schmitt, Hannah Salame
2nd: Clanton - Lydia Patterson, Kallen Bolton
3rd: Paine - Daniel Dukes, John Patrick Campbell
4th: Montgomery Catholic - Clare Wilson, Sarah Rose Burden
5th: Gardendale - Bailey Parsons, Adian Dunaway
6th: Fultondale - Jasmine Baylor, Hannah Mitchell

Barge Building
1st: North Highland - William Spencer, Emma Shirley
2nd: Pleasant Grove - Micha Shuffett, Te'Shawne Prince
3rd: Lipscomb - Asia Bolden, Estefany Vitales
4th: Jefferson CA - Vanessa Njuguna, Micah Thrower
5th: Brighton Elementary
6th: Gresham - Camryn MacEwen, Cherileen Henry

1st: Donoho - Charlie Smith, Chloe Phillips
2nd: Kitty Stone - Emma Cockrell, Bailey VanCleave
3rd: Fultondale - Enoch Im, Cameron Farmer
4th: West Jefferson - Trey Freeman, Amanda Nicholas
5th: Excalibur - David Maurer, Todd Morgan
6th: Clanton - Blake Moates, Justin Liveoak

How Do You Spell Science?
1st: Pleasant Grove - Lauryn Cash, Emma Neugent
2nd: Jefferson CA - Kyle Wilkerson, Vanessa Njuguna
3rd: Clay - Maddie Dehham, Brock Odeneal
4th: Montgomery Catholic - Thomas McLaughlin, Eric Shin
5th: Ashville - Perkins Carden, Tavner Green
6th: Kitty Stone - Clara Wight, Dylan Murphy

Map Reading
1st: Excalibur CS - Caleb Knapp, Nicholas Morgan
2nd: Donoho - Charlie Smith, Emma Wiedmer
3rd: Gresham - Gabe Anselmo, Ryan Hays
4th: Clay - Chaz Hart, Caleb Holland
5th: Fultondale - James Smith, Gunner Wilbert
6th: Ashville - Sabrina Brown, Ty Armstrong

Reflection Relay
1st: Mt. Olive - Will Baker, Danilyn Moore, Preslie Ross
2nd: Adamsville - Lake Dean, Mekhi Hall, Nyia Westbrook
3rd: Kitty Stone - Davis King, Kyuna Kim, Addie Zaner
4th: Montgomery Catholic - Katherine O'Connor, Katie Rose Perkins, Anna Catherine Barranco
5th: Fultondale - Trip Chapman, Enoch Im, Cameron Farmer
6th: Kermit Johnson - Neilson Holt, Michael Stewart, David Bray


Boggle Science
1st: Montgomery Catholic - Clare Wilson, Sara Rose Burden
2nd: Clanton - Sarah Beth Huntley, Luke Dale
3rd: Donoho - Sarah Green, Dalton Nelson
4th: Gardendale - John Beasly, Kyler Smith
5th: Excalibur CS - Todd Morgan, Nicholas Morgan
6th: Kitty Stone - Coleman Oliver, Emma Cockrell

Bridging the Gap
1st: Clanton - Claire Staggs, Brady McCormick
2nd: Gardendale - Erin Doggett, Sally Ann Peacock
3rd: Bryan - Natalie Biggs, Kelley Lett
4th: Kitty Stone - Brody Bean, Gabe Mobley
5th: Mt. Olive - Nathan Burrow, David Harris
6th: Chalkville - Marques McKinney, Cara Smith

Crash Landing
1st: Hillview - Jalen Wright, Joshua Palmer
2nd: Mt. Olive - Brett Johnson, Seth Tolbert
3rd: Clay - Brandon Petty, Andrew Adams
4th: Oak Grove - Claire Waldrop, Madison Wood
5th: Ashville - Perkins Carden, Emily Rodriguez
6th: Brookville - D'Andre Wilkerson, Amber Slaughter

Deep Blue Sea
1st: Donoho - Charlie Smith, Emma Wiedmer
2nd: Paine - Sophia Peterson, Haley Panos
3rd: Fultondale - Madison Carlton, Lauren Harris
4th: Clanton - Brody Henley, Rylee Thornton
5th: Thompson - AJ Olliff, Hope Smith
6th: Pleasant Grove - Gloria Simmons, Devin Palmer

Food for Thought
1st: Excalibur CS - Johnathon Abruates, Jack Maurer
2nd: Kitty Stone - Kadir Ebba, Carter Landers
3rd: Pleasant Grove - Kirsten Williams, Ti'Mia Wynn
4th: Mt. Olive - Elise Fitzgerald, Clayton Cunningham
5th: Donoho - Leyden Orth, Madelyn Thompson
6th: Gardendale - Luke Cravey, Jerry Chen

1st: Kitty Stone - Kyuna Kim, Jackson Moses
2nd: Clanton - Jackie Shi, Sara Beth Huntley
3rd: Gardendale - Bailey Parsons, Jim Chen
4th: Donoho - Shelley Phillips, Cooper Montgomery
5th: Pleasant Grove - Micah Shuffett, Kade Hulsey
6th: Corner - Hannah Grace, Lauren Myrick

Get Your Bearing
1st: Montgomery Catholic - Zoe Rutland, Katherine O'Connor
2nd: Clanton - Brody Henley, Rylee Thornton
3rd: Donoho - Savannah Frickey, Ben Schmitt
4th: Kitty Stone - Parker Comisac, Jackson Meade
5th: Hueytown - Ethan Stallworth, JR Ryan
6th: Saks Middle - Keira Burks, Hali Brinson

In Bloom
1st: Donoho - James Perry, Turner Davis
2nd: Jefferson CA - Kaelin Tucker, Morgan Wormely
3rd: Gardendale - Lexie Lancaster, Taylor McAlister
4th: Clanton - Kylie Bee, Blake Moates
5th: Oak Grove - Ryleigh Crawford, Ashlyn Odom
6th: Kitty Stone - Jackson Meade, Kyuna Kim

Knock, Knock, Who's There?
1st: Clanton -Justin Liveoak, Andrew Henson
2nd: Donoho - James Perry, Turner Davis
3rd: Excalibur CS - Matthew Hurt, Todd Morgan
4th: Ashville - Hannah England, Jaiden Colley
5th: Gardendale - Zoe Allen, Luke Alexander
6th: Mt Olive - David Harris, Allyson Wooten

Mystery Architecture
1st: Irondale - Nikolay Vasilevich, Davis Mellown
2nd: Kermit Johnson - Haley Vinson, Kimmie Tombrello
3rd: Ashville - Reilly Small, Kayla Simpson
4th: Kitty Stone - Cole Stafford, Brody Bean
5th: Erwin - Tatiyana Williams, Katrice Colvin
6th: North Highland - Ryleigh Trammell, Lillie Reid

1st: West Jefferson - Falyn Pate
2nd: Oak Grove - Mikailyn McCarty, Racheal Myers
3rd: Donoho - Grayson Marlowe, Kate Porteous
4th: Gardendale - Owen Turrentine, Jerry Chen
5th: Corner - Jackson Harris, Matthew Piper
6th: Mt. Olive - Dimitri Marinakis, Gracie Moon

Propeller Propulsion
1st: Oak Grove - Noah Cook, Chloe Edwards
2nd: Clanton - Harrison Smith, Blake Moates
3rd: Hillview - Richard Taylor, Darien Rozell
4th: Mt. Olive - Carson Cook, Shaw Tuck
5th: Clay - Olivia Grigsby, Lauren Coggins
6th: Corner - Ethan Franklin, Katie Justice

Quick Sketch
1st: Kitty Stone - Clara Wight, Brooklynne Duckette
2nd: Corner - Hanna Grace, Kaley Tinney
3rd: Pleasant Grove - Kade Hulsey, Madelyn Harris
4th: Irondale - Lexi Griffin, Nick Heiser
5th: Excalibur CS - Caleb Knapp, Susanna DuPre
6th: Fultondale - Joseph Im, James Smith

Simple Machines
1st: Donoho - Bryant Barrentine, Emma Wiedmer
2nd: Kitty Stone - Bailey VanCleave, Brendan Smith
3rd: Clanton - Harrison Smith, Luke Dale
4th: Fultondale - Derek Hogeland, Daniel Rivas
5th: Crumly Chapel - Aniyah Curry, Rachel DuBose
6th: Erwin - Richard Payne, Jakala Turner

Space Invaders
1st: Donoho - James Perry, Ben Schmitt
2nd: Saks Middle - Kaitliln Seeger, Austin Betz
3rd: Kitty Stone - Adrianna Nix, Emma Cockrell
4th: North Highland - Orean Johnson, Justin Norris
5th: Hueytown - Ethan Stallworth, Angel Morales
6th: Excalibur CS - Matthew Hurt, Jack Maurer

Third Rock from the Sun
1st: Donoho - Blake Steed, Madelyn Thompson
2nd: Mt. Olive - Carson Cook, Shaw Tuck
3rd: Kitty Stone - Jackson Meade, Braxton McFall
4th: Gresham - Luke Smith, Stephanie Torres
5th: Montgomery Catholic - Anna Catherine Barranco, Maddie Losik
6th: Clanton - Vivian Sierra, Brady McCormick

Triple Play
1st: Clay - Jacob Glidewell, Andrew Adams, Zack Mills
2nd: Donoho - Madelyn Thompson, Bryant Barrentine, Shelly Phillips
3rd: West Jefferson - Falyn Pate, Trey Freeman, Jaclyn Durham
4th: Clanton - Kallen Bolton, Lawson Patterson, Katherine Speaks
5th: Gardendale - Morgan Rich, Ian Johnson, Owen Turrentine
6th: Thompson - Abby Malkove, Caleah Williams

What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
1st: Donoho - Blake Steed, Kate Porteous
2nd: Minor - Stephfan Jackson, DiMarian Cannon
3rd: Crumly Chapel - Trinity Johnson, Sydney Taylor
4th: Oak Grove - Ryleigh Crawford, Ashlyn Odom
5th: Gardendale - Owen Turrentine, Jackson Burkett
6th: Fultondale - Kelsey Davis, Lauren Harris

Updated: February 25, 2013.

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