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ESO 2007 Award Winners
Here's the complete listing of medalists and team trophy winners from Elementary Science Olympiad 2007 at Jacksonville High School. See a typo? Email us and we'll fix it!.


1st: Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville)
2nd: St. Bede Catholic (Montgomery)
3rd: Donoho School (Anniston)


A is for Anatomy
1st: Excalibur - Nate Taylor, Jesse Bosonetto
2nd: Kitty Stone - Lawrence Smith, Sharon Osterbind
3rd: Clay - Jordyn Polito, Natalie Songer

1st: Donoho - Daniel Kang, Axis Heathcock
2nd: Kitty Stone - Will Cole, Garrison Cunningham
3rd: Excalibur - Spencer Evans, Cailean Williams

Barge Building
1st: Donoho - George McMillan, Adele Fink
2nd: St. Bede - Sean Federspill, Alex Castanza
3rd: Excalibur - Ross Jamison, Tanner Christian

Boggle Science
1st: Kitty Stone - Anna Maddox, Lakshmi Krisnaprasad
2nd: Lincoln - Austin Blanton, Will Hendon
3rd: Clay - Natalie Songer, Chase McGuffie

Calculator Contest
1st: Clay - Jonathan Hancock
2nd: St. Bede - Matt Neo
3rd: Kitty Stone - Kelsey Matthews

1st: Saks Middle - Brady Thrower, Ben Speer, Montez Boyd
2nd: Oxford - Michelle Bui, Jacob Knighton, Maia Hamilton
3rd: Donoho - Amanda Sherer, Aliyah Salame, Rylee Segrest

Chopper Challenge
1st: Saks Middle - Dustin Stone, Wade Thomas
2nd: Donoho - Kyle Hagedorn, Daniel Kang
3rd: Kitty Stone - Brett Thornburg, Michael Frankum

Circuit Wizardry
1st: Donoho - Hayden Howell, Katey Skinner
2nd: Lincoln - Keagan Cochran, Darrius Truss
3rd: Kitty Stone - John Curtis Mackey, Tre Brown

Crash Landing
1st: Lincoln - Emily James, Matt Haney
2nd: Clay - David Holladay, Mary Whitley
3rd: Donoho - Peyton van Ekris, Cowan Angell

Cutting Edge
1st: Munford - Calvin Cockrell, Shandrea Byers
2nd: Donoho - Hayden Howell, Brendan Goode
3rd: Kitty Stone - Tre Brown, Lauren Johnson

Deep Blue Sea
1st: Lincoln - Zeb Taylor, Matt Haney
2nd: Excalibur - Jesse Bosonetto, Cailean Williams
3rd: Kitty Stone - Katie Cline, Garrison Cunningham

Don't Bug Me
1st: Kitty Stone - Aubrey Kirk, Julianna Newell
2nd: Lincoln - Leia Brown, Corey Mills
3rd: St. Bede - Giselle Simms, Connor Preston

1st: Kitty Stone - Julianna Newell, Michael Frankum
2nd: St. Bede - Giselle Simms, Ryan Hill
3rd: Oxford - Arrie Morris, Xavier Mitchell

Grab a Gram
1st: Lincoln - Adriana Enchautegui, Keagan Cochran
2nd: Kitty Stone - Anna Maddox, Will Cole
3rd: Munford - Kyle Franklin, Kayla Franklin

How Do You Spell Science?
1st: Lincoln - Chasity Ramsey, Adriana Enchautegui
2nd: Donoho - Richard Bateman, Riley Ann McBride
3rd: Kitty Stone - Courtney Bowden, Charles Conner Ryan

Metric Mania
1st: Donoho - Raj Kashyap, Rylee Segrest
2nd: St. Bede - Will Littleton, Ann Marie Dean
3rd: Saks Elementary - Ty Shipe, Zach Baeza

Mystery Architecture
1st: Excalibur - Nate Taylor, Jesse Bosonetto
2nd: Kitty Stone - Robbie Hester, Virginia Poe
3rd: Clay - Ben Holt, Matthew Calvert

Pasta Bridge
1st: Lincoln - Corey Mills, Jonathan Gaston
2nd: Saks Middle - Addison Wells, Mitch Nolte
3rd: Saks Elementary - Caitlin Sanderson, Kristopher Whisante

1st: Kitty Stone - Virginia Poe, Sharon Osterbind, Jared Tippets, Robbie Hester
2nd: St. Bede - Tara Bourke, Rachel Patterson, Connor Preston, James Sherman
3rd: Donoho - Casi Thomas, Daniel Kang, George McMillan, Cowan Angell

Reflection Relay
1st: Kitty Stone - Jacob McCreless, Spencer Pace, Tre Brown
2nd: St. Bede - Alex Castanza, Anna Mills, Will Littleton
3rd: Saks Middle - Marissa Washington, Bailey Mills, Kendyl Womack

Say It Again
1st: Kitty Stone - Courtney Bowden, Halee Stallings
2nd: St. Bede - Broghan Freeland, Zach Hulcher
3rd: Oxford - Danielle Bolton, Mary Kate Holladay

Science Detectives
1st: St. Bede - Zach Hulcher, Clay Ronan
2nd: Donoho - Casi Thomas, Hayden Howell
3rd: Munford - Calvin Cockrell, Heather Turner

Starry, Starry Night
1st: Saks Elementary - Zach Baeza, Caitlin Sanderson
2nd: Saks Middle - Mitche Nolte, Miranda Chauncey
3rd: Clay - Jonathan Hancock, Jordyn Polito

Weather or Not
1st: St. Bede - Giselle Simms, Matt Neo
2nd: Clay - Jonathan Hancock, Alex Norman
3rd: Kitty Stone - Julianna Newell, Ashlon Slay

What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
1st: Kitty Stone - Michael Frankum, Kelsey Matthews
2nd: Clay - Jonathan Hancock, Alex Norman
3rd: St. Bede - Will Littleton, Allie Micher

Which Way's North?
1st: Kitty Stone - Anna Maddox, Lakshmi Krisnaprasad
2nd: Lincoln - James Carlisle, Kolby Zuspan
3rd: Donoho - Raj Kashyap, Anna Brooke Payne

Wildlife Safari
1st: St. Bede - Connor Preston, Rachel Patterson
2nd: Donoho - George McMillan, Samuel Garner
3rd: Kitty Stone - Aubrey Kirk, Katie Cline

Write It, Do It
1st: Kitty Stone - Garrison Cunningham, Jared Tippets, Robbie Hester, Lakshimi Krishnaprasad
2nd: Lincoln - Jonathan Gaston, Will Hendon, Dani Truss, Kayla Ramsey
3rd: Clay - Jordyn Polito, Natalie Songer

Updated: February 25, 2007.

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