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ESO 2016 Final Facts
Announcing the 2016 Team Winners
Faith Christian School (Anniston) earned medals in 20 of 28 events including 4 first place finishes to win its first-ever overall team title in the 2016 Elementary Science Olympiad at Jacksonville High School on Saturday, February 20th. Clanton Intermediate (Clanton) and Kitty Stone (Jacksonville) finished in a tie for 2nd. Columbia (Madison) was 4th, follwed by Donoho (Anniston) in 5th, and Mt. Olive (Mt. Olive) in 6th in the overall team standings.

2016 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of over 340 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2016 at Jacksonville High School.

Competition and Awards Ceremony Photos
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6th place finishers Cameron Hamilton & Hailey Lemire from Hueytown at work estimating in Grab a Gram. Teams work on their tests
in Deep Blue Sea.
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Bronze medalists Garrett Traywick and Wesley Franklin from Clanton build their bridge in Bridging the Gap. 5th place finishers Brady Patterson and Gavin Randall look for clues on a state map in Which Way's North?.
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McAdory's Katherine Dykes is among the sketchers in Quick Sketch. Silver medalists Jeden Parker and Ethan Muncher have their structure measured in Mystery Architecture.

The Big Individual Winners
Two students took home 3 gold medals: Columbia's Neha Chopade and Puja Chopade. 11 other students earned 3 total medals each including Donoho's Noah George, Grant Steed, Carter Stremmel, and Emma Kate Tucker; Clanton's Malorie Frederick and Taylor Driver; Faith Christian's Thomas Curlee, Hannah Krame, Brady Patterson, and Gavin Randall; and Snow Rogers' Meredith Kinney.

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Jefferson Christian's Jillian Borch and Jerah Murphree take 5th with some teamwork in Weather or Not. Silver medalists Nicholas Calandra and Cannon Back from Montgomery Catholic prepare for launch in Pasta Transporter.
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Mt. Olive team members work to reconstruct some art in Write It, Do It. Clay Elementary team members are also in the "Doing" half of Write It, Do It.
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The building crews construct their egg protecting devices in Crash Landing. Gold medalists Anna Moore and Sara Spry of Excalibur measure angles in Geometrics.

Celebrating 23 Years of ESO at JHS
Jacksonville High School celebrated its 22st year of hosting Elementary Science Olympiad competitions with 33 participating teams. From just 4 schools in 1993 to over 30 registered each year since 2010, ESO's impact on education in Alabama is bigger than ever. Over 600 students participated in events in 2016 including students from Adamsville, Brighton, Bryan, Chalkville, Clanton, Clay, Columbia, Concord, Corner, Crumly Chapel, Donoho, Erwin, Excalibur Christian, Faith Christian, Fultondale, Greenwood, Gresham, Hueytown, IMSA, Irondale, Jefferson Christian, Kermit Johnson, Kitty Stone, Lipscomb, McAdory, Minor, Montgomery Catholic, Mt. Olive, Paine, Saks Middle, Snow Rogers, and West Jefferson. Thanks for helping make ESO 2016 yet another success!

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It's another crowd over 1,000 at the afternoon awards ceremony. West Jefferson's Katelyn Keeton celebrates a medal-worthy performance in Dinosaurs & Disasters.
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Columbia Elementary claims its 4th place team trophy. Kitty Stone was one of two teams in 2nd place in the team standings.
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Clanton was our other 2nd place team, here accepting its trophy. Faith Christian School (Anniston) poses for a championship team photo.

Updated: February 24, 2016.

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