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ESO 2006 Final Facts
Announcing the 2006 Team Winners
Kitty Stone Elementary's reign as ESO team champion continued in 2006 as the team medaled in 22 of 28 events including 14 first place finishes enroute to its fourth straight title. The Donoho School of Anniston finished second, St. Bede Catholic of Montgomery third, and Drew Middle School of Lincoln fourth in the overall team standings.

2006 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of nearly 200 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2006 at Jacksonville High School.

Sacred Heart's James Pettit and Brianna Love at work in Extinction is Forever. Donoho team members bounce light in Reflection Relay.

Matt and Micah form Oxford search for words in Boggle Science. The Kitty Stone and Drew teams load their barges in Barge Building.

Congrats to all our participating schools... Clay, Donoho, Excalibur, Kitty Stone, Lincoln, Oxford, Sacred Heart, St. Bede, and Wellborn. Thanks for helping make ESO 2006 a success!

On the way down...
a drop in Crash Landing.
Clay's Cody Rush and Jonathan Hancock figure volume in Metric Mania.

St. Bede's Jarrett Mason and Forrest Taylor eye their structure in Mystery Architecture. The Doers get a first look at their building materials in Write It, Do It.

Sole Survivors
Once again in 2006, just 2 of the 9 teams in Crash Landing had their egg survive the two-story drop. Anna Graham & Savannah Turner of Drew Middle School and Lee Dillard & April Carr from Oxford built devices that kept their eggs intact. Everyone else... well, their eggs went splat.

Students gather around Dr. Cline of the JSU Field School to touch a snake. St. Bede poses with its 3rd place trophy.

Donoho takes home the
2nd place team trophy.
Kitty Stone team members hold up their 1st place trophy.

Updated: February 26, 2006.

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