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ESO 2007 Final Facts
Announcing the 2007 Team Winners
Kitty Stone Elementary's reign as ESO team champion continued in 2007 as the team medaled in 21 of 28 events including 9 first place finishes enroute to its fifth straight title. St. Bede Catholic of Montgomery finished second, the Donoho School of Anniston third, and Drew Middle School of Lincoln fourth in the overall team standings.

2007 Award Winners
Gold, Silver, and Bronze... The event-by-event list of nearly 200 individual medalists from Elementary Science Olympiad 2007 at Jacksonville High School.

Silver medalists George McMillan &
Samuel Garner of Donoho (back) and
gold medalists Connor Preston &
Rachel Patterson of St. Bede (front)
at work in Wildlife Safari.
Munford's Shandrea Byers & Will Hurst (front) and Oxford's Danielle Bolton & Amber Garvey (back) plot their course in Which Way's North?.

The Munford team completes the team obstacle in the Pentathlon. Saks Elementary's Dylan Pontero
& Austin Miller search for answers
in Which Way's North?.

Congrats to all our participating schools... Clay, Donoho, Excalibur, Kitty Stone, Lincoln, Munford, Oxford, Saks Elementary, Saks Middle, and St. Bede. Thanks for helping make ESO 2007 a success!

Bronze medalists Ross Jamison &
Tanner Christian of Excalibur load
their barge in Barge Building.
Clay's Kyle Mosley & Braxton Parvin figure circumference in Metric Mania.

Gold medalists Michael Frankum & Julianna Newell of Kitty Stone do a bit
of measuring as they prepare their
estimations in Estimania.
The Saks Middle School team drops
their egg-protecting device in front
of the crowd in Crash Landing.

The Challenge of a Paper Chopper
Dustin Stone and Wade Thomas of Saks Middle took home gold in the inaugural Chopper Challenge. Students crafted paper choppers which were required to rotate a particular direction and received a score based on how long each of two choppers stayed aloft. See for yourself: Chopper Challenge video (Windows Media).

Kitty Stone team members pick up their 1st place medals for Write It, Do It. Donoho returns with its 3rd place trophy.

St Bede celebrates its 2nd place finish.
Kitty Stone team members hold
up their 1st place trophy.

Updated: February 25, 2007.

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