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ESO 2005 Award Winners
Here's the complete listing of medalists and team trophy winners from Elementary Science Olympiad 2005 at Jacksonville High School. See a typo? Email us and we'll fix it!.


1st: Kitty Stone Elementary (Jacksonville)
2nd: Donoho School (Anniston)
3rd: St. Bede Catholic (Montgomery)


A is for Anatomy
1st: Donoho - Nicky Bolus, Vinay Giri
2nd: Hall-Kent - Chris Atchison, Megan Wells
3rd: Kitty Stone - Amaris Elston, Aaron Vick

1st: Paine - Will Monski, Simon Boles
2nd: Clay - Austin Riley, Zac Hodge
3rd: Donoho - Christian Jones, George McMillan

Barge Building
1st: Hall-Kent - Smita Speer, Brent Hughes
2nd: Donoho - Gaines McMillan, Damien Christen
3rd: Kitty Stone - Caleb McFall, Tre Brown

Calculator Contest
1st: St. Bede - Tyler McKee
2nd: Hall-Kent - Grant Smith
3rd: Clay - Kathryn Hancock

1st: Donoho - Nicky Bolus, Peyton van Ekris, Sarah Ankrom
2nd: St. Bede - Kevin Norris, Kaitlyn Richman, Meghan Malone
3rd: Hall-Kent - Elizabeth Light, Erica Lepore, Brodie Martin

Circuit Wizardry
1st: Wellborn - Tifani Kelly, Sara Hampton
2nd: Hall-Kent - Kory Kasey, Grant Smith
3rd: St. Bede - Zach Hulcher, Giselle Simms

Cranium Command
1st: Kitty Stone - Clark Sides, Drake Davis
2nd: Donoho - Nicky Bolus, Vinay Giri
3rd: Wellborn - Sara Hampton, JR Thomas

Crash Landing
1st: Kitty Stone - Clark Sides, Hudson Lafayette
2nd: Paine - Kayla Campbell, Jessica Rosenthal

Crossword Science
1st: St. Bede - Lizzie Terino, John Talbot
2nd: Kitty Stone - Tre Brown, Will Jackson
3rd: Donoho - Garrison Morgan, Katie McLean

Don't Bug Me
1st: St. Bede - Kyle Ginnaty, Wheeler Ronan
2nd: Donoho - Garrison Morgan, Sarah Ankrom
3rd: Hall-Kent - Megan Ross, Smita Speer

Extinction is Forever
1st: Kitty Stone - Zach Mashburn, Kelsey Matthews
2nd: Lincoln - Austin Smith, Seth Sillmon
3rd: Wellborn - Autumn Cochran, Tiffany Kelly

Food for Thought
1st: Kitty Stone - Amaris Elston, Catherine Newton
2nd: Hall-Kent - Shelby Burbach, Kathryn Ford
3rd: Lincoln - Taylor Turner, Anna Cook

Grab a Gram
1st: Kitty Stone - Hudson Lafayette, Kerri Mallicoat
2nd: Donoho - Tyler Sherer, Riley Ann McBride
3rd: Clay - Philip Jones, Austin Miett

Knock, Knock, Who's There?
1st: St. Bede - Dana Irvine, Megan Karst
2nd: Kitty Stone - Haley Jackson, Will Jackson
3rd: Sacred Heart - Olivia Potter, Chandler Dawson

Metric Mania
1st: Donoho - Garrison Morgan, Diana Thomson
2nd: Kitty Stone - Kerri Mallicoat
3rd: St. Bede - John Talbot, Lizzie Terino

Pasta Bridge
1st: Lincoln (tie) - Caitlin Owens, Savannah Hamilton
and Wellborn (tie) - Keona McKinney, Landon Johnson
3rd: Donoho - Diana Thomson, Katie Swinford

1st: Kitty Stone - Kerri Mallicoat, Michael Frankum
2nd: Wellborn - Jesslyn Melson, Katarina Goddard
3rd: Donoho - Graham Nelson, Adele Fink

Powerful Stuff
1st: St. Bede - Kyle Ginnaty, Giselle Simms
2nd: Clay - Stephen Kircus, Spencer Gargus
3rd: Donoho - Christian Jones, Hayden Howell

Reflection Relay
1st: Donoho - Damien Christian, Katie McLean, Erika Nagasaki
2nd: Kitty Stone - Amaris Elston, Clark Sides, Andrew Boudousquie
3rd: St. Bede - John Talbot, Charlie Anderson, Megan Padilla

Say It Again
1st: Clay - Taylor Jones, Stephen Kircus
2nd: Lincoln - Logan Brown, Leia Brown
3rd: Donoho - Jack Lentjes, Bryce St. Clair

Science Detectives
1st: Kitty Stone - Sharon Osterbind, Rebecca Griffin
2nd: Wellborn - Brady Magourik, Shianne Davidson
3rd: Donoho - Nicky Bolus, Will Ready

Scrabble Sprint
1st: Kitty Stone - Rebecca Griffin, Forrest Pearson
2nd: St. Bede - Dana Irvine, Zach Hulcher
3rd: Hall-Kent - Brodie Martin, Mary Claire Galloway

Straw Tower
1st: Donoho - Bryce St. Clair, Rachel Matson
2nd: Kitty Stone - Avery Smith, Emma Corbett
3rd: Sacred Heart - Madeleine Oblena, Britt Buzan

Treasure Hunt
1st: Clay - Austin Miett, Nick McGuire
2nd: Hall-Kent - Megan Wells, Kathryn Ford
3rd: Wellborn - Sara Hampton, Taylor Champion

Weather or Not
1st: Lincoln - Savannah Turner, Abby Varner
2nd: Clay - Brindon Sutton, Jonathan Douglas
3rd: Donoho - Brian Westbrook, Jack Lentjes

What Are You Trying to Tell Me?
1st: Lincoln - Autumn Tucker, Nicky Spradlin
2nd: Clay - Kathryn Hancock, Austin Riley
3rd: Kitty Stone - Rebecca Griffin, Forrest Pearson

Which Way's North?
1st: Kitty Stone - Andrew Boudousquie, Catherine Newton
2nd: Donoho - Will Ready, Katie McLean
3rd: Sacred Heart - Ariel Green, Ashton Reaves

Write It, Do It
1st: St. Bede - Meghan Malone, Charlie Anderson, Josh Stark, Katie Lafreniere
2nd: Wellborn - Keonna McKinney, Taylor Champion, Autumn Cochran, Brady Magouirk
3rd: Kitty Stone - Taylor Adams, Aaron Vick, Lauren Bass, Jared Tippets

Updated: February 27, 2005.

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