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Teams of two students build a device that safely catches an egg dropped from a predetermined height.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
2 students / 30 minutes

The Competition
1. Teams shall construct their device prior to the competition and bring it to the event.
2. Teams will be required to impound their devices at a predetermined time at the start of the Olympiad day.
3. Following the impounding of all devices, each device will be massed.
4. Large, grade A raw eggs shall be provided by the event supervisor and shall be at room temperature for the event.

Device Size & Materials
1. The device shall measure no more than 40 centimeters in length and width and no more than 20 centimeters in height.
2. Devices may be of any shape or size (within the maximum dimensions) and include any commercially available materials except for glass.
3. A device may not use any adhesive substance to aid it in adhering to the target (floor). No plumb lines will be allowed.
4. Once impounded, no additional materials may be added to the device, nor may the device be altered prior to its being used in the competition.

The Drop
1. Eggs shall be dropped from a height between 3 and 5 meters, revealed on the day of the competition. All eggs will be dropped from the same height. The drop shall take place vertically above the drop target.
2. The participants will position their device on the marked target directly beneath the egg dropping device. The participants will have up to 1 minute to position their catching device. Once the participants indicate their catching device is ready, an event supervisor will activate the device to drop the egg.
3. All parts of the participant's catching device must remain within the drop zone which shall be 1.5 meters in length and width throughout and after the drop. Devices with parts that are outside of the drop zone following the drop shall be penalized.
4. The egg is not required to remain in the catching device following the drop. However, an egg shall be judged for breaking once it comes to rest, inside or outside of the device. Any damage that occurs due to the egg leaving the device and contacting other surfaces is included in the scoring of the device (if it bounces out and breaks, that is considered a broken egg).

1. Those devices which prevent the egg from breaking or showing any detectable cracks will be scored. A egg is deemed to have broken if it wets a paper towel.
2. Those devices that successfully protect the egg from breaking will be ranked according to their masses. The lightest device will be declared the winner.
3. Devices with parts that are outside of the drop zone following the drop shall have their mass doubled, or 100 grams added to their mass, whichever is greater.
4. All devices that do not successfully protect the egg will receive event participation points only.

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