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Super Sleuths
Teams of two students work together to solve a series of logic puzzles.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
Up to 2 students / 45 minutes

Outside Materials
Participants may bring only pencils and a non-programmable calculator to the event.

The Competition
1. Students will be challenged to utilize deduction, reasoning, and problem solving skills to solve a series of logic-type puzzles.
2. Puzzles may require basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions).
3. Puzzles may include construction of shapes from given pieces (geometric figures).
4. Puzzles may require recognition of spacial and time relationships (who did what, when, and where).
5. Students may utilize a logic puzzle grid in solving select problems.
6. All puzzles will be distributed as a packet at the start of the event.
7. Teams will have a total of 45 minutes to solve a series of puzzles. Time is not a scoring factor.

In addition to material found in grade-appropriate math and science textbooks, questions may also include puzzles similar to those found on the following web sites:
Math is Fun - Puzzles - http://www.mathsisfun.com/puzzles/
(Starter, Measuring, Logic, Shape and Number Puzzles Only)
Cool Math 4 Kids Brain Teasers - https://www.coolmath4kids.com/brain-teasers

The team with the most correct responses will be declared the winner. Ties will be broken with pre-determined tie-breaker questions.

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