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Quick Sketch
Teams of two students will communicate science terms through art as one member draws "clues" for the other to guess the science term or concept.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
2 students / 40 minutes

Outside Materials
Up to 24 pencils, markers, or crayons in a clear plastic bag for each team member (48 of these items in total per 2-person team).

The Competition
1. Each team shall consist of two team members (A and B). Both team members will serve as sketchers and guessers. Team members will be situated in separate rooms.
2. Only a standard #2 pencil and answer sheets will be provided by the event monitors. However, each team member may bring up to 24 colored pencils, markers, or crayons (24 in total, not of each) to use during the sketching rounds. Such pencils, markers, or crayons brought by the team members shall be enclosed in a clear plastic bag for review by the event monitors at entry and exit. No other outside materials are permitted.
3. In the sketching period, each team member will be given 10 science terms, concepts, or processes to sketch on the provided paper in an attempt to create a drawing that communicates the term to his/her teammate.
4. A category will be provided for both the sketcher and guesser for each term. Categories include, but are not limited to, "thing", "person", or "action". In addition, the guesser will be provided with the number of words in the answer.
5. The sketching round shall last 25 minutes and will be completed simultaneously by both team members. Team member A will sketch 10 terms. Team member B will sketch 10 different terms.
6. Of the 10 terms sketched by each team member, 2 will be designated and clearly marked on the materials as bonus terms. Bonus terms will be of increased difficulty.
7. Each sketch shall include only pictures and related visual clues. Letters of any alphabet or numbers of any kind are not allowed. Event monitors will review each drawing. Drawings must be representative of the given term. Teams are prohibited from inventing alphabets or attempting to communicate the term in an alternative method that is unrelated to the given term.
8. Following the sketching round, the event monitors will collect each team's art. The art will be distributed to the teammate (A's art to B, B's art to A). Using the sketches, the given category and number of words in each answer, the teammate will receive a total of 10 minutes to attempt to guess all of the science terms.
9. In all, each team member will sketch 10 science terms and attempt to guess 10 sketched science terms.

1. Each correctly guessed term will earn one point. Designated bonus terms will earn two points when correctly guessed. Partial credit may be awarded (for example, the response "turtle" for the correct answer "box turtle" would earn partial credit).
2. The scoring of the event will be based on the number of correct responses. Ties will be broken with the most correct responses among the bonus terms, then on other pre-determined tie-breaker terms.

Updated for 2015.

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