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Teams of two students will interpret charts, graphs, illustrations, and informational graphics.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
Up to 2 / 45 minutes

The Competition
Students will observe or read about a scientific issue displayed in the form of a chart, graph, data table, or infographic. Students will answer questions relating to possible qualitative or quantitative interpretations of the situation. Samples of possible tasks include:
1. Given a set of numbers, students should be able to create a graph or infographic and answer specific questions related to the data.
2. Given a pictoral or graphical representation of some data, students should be able to interpret and explain the meaning of the representation.
3. Students should be able to select which, if any, of several possible explanations given could account for observations made from a graph, chart, or other pictoral representation.
Example: On a weather map, a student may be asked to determine the temperature of a given city on a given day. The response must be in the correct range.
4. 75% of the items will be taken for readily available mass media sources such as popular magazines, local and national newspapers, popular websites, and other well-known sources of data.
5. Teams will have a maximum of 45 minutes to complete the event. Time is not a scoring factor.

The team with the most correct responses will be declared the winner. Ties will be broken with pre-determined tie-breaker questions.

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