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Teams comprised of two members each will be quizzed on their knowledge of the metric system and demonstrate their ability to measure various physical properties of geometric shapes.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
Up to 2 students / 45 minutes

The Competition
1. Students will be quizzed on the various units of the metric system (metric unit for speed is meter per second) and the conversion among prefixes (100,000 centimeters equals 1 kilometer, for example).
2. Teams will be asked to measure and compute the area, surface area, or volume of various geometric shapes including circles, triangles, parallelograms, cubes, and rectangular boxes.
3. Students may be asked measure and classify angles, to identify the parts of a circle and various geometric shapes, and to note symmetry among objects.
4. Team members will work together and complete a single answer sheet for the team.
5. Non-programmable calculators may be used but will not be provided. Calculators which make conversions between units are prohibited. Teams in possession of this type of calculator, whether they are aware of the function or not, are subject to disqualification.
6. Each team shall provide its own ruler (no longer than 31 cm [12 in]) and a protractor for computing the requested measurements.

The scoring of the event will be based on the number of correct responses. Ties will be broken with the most correct responses on pre-determined tie-breaker questions.

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