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Cutting Edge
Teams of two students will demonstrate their knowledge of the latest trends in science and technology.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
Up to 2 / 45 minutes

The Competition
1. Student teams will be quizzed in the form of a test on the basic terms, concepts, and trends in popular science and technology.
2. Questions may involve terms and trends in consumer electronics (home audio & video, portable audio, video game systems, computers, & digital cameras).
3. Additional questions will cover basic concepts described at CNET News.com (news.com) and stories covered in the Technology and Science & Space sections of CNN.com (cnn.com/TECH, cnn.com/TECH/space/).
4. Students will have 45 minutes to complete the test. Time is not a scoring factor.

Sample Question
For a higher resolution picture from a digital camera, the user would want a camera with what feature?
(A) Larger Digital Zoom (B) More Megapixels (C) Larger LCD Screen (D) Greater Flash Distance

The team with the most correct responses will be declared the winner. Ties will be broken with pre-determined tie-breaker questions.

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