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Crash Landing
Teams will design a device using materials provided onsite that will prevent a raw egg from making a crash landing when dropped from a high elevation.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
2 students / 50 minutes

The Competition
1. Teams will be given an equal amount of a variety of household and office supplies such as cotton, paper, straws, cups, clips, tape, pins, etc. No outside materials are permitted.
2. Each team will have 25 minutes to construct their device which will prevent a large, grade A raw egg from breaking when dropped from a high elevation. Teams are not required to use all of the materials available.
3. Teams may design their devices to encase the egg and be dropped with the egg or their devices may be used to catch the naked egg at ground level. Devices may also use a combination of these methods. Teams which exclusively design their device to catch a naked egg will receive a bonus in scoring.
4. Devices may be of any shape or size and may make use of a parachute design. The devices may also make use of any adhesive substance provided with their materials to aid it in adhering to the target. No plumb lines will be allowed.
5. At the end of the preparation time, all devices will be set aside and massed without the egg.
6. The device and/or egg will then be dropped free fall by one student from a height determined by the event supervisor. Eggs will be provided by the event supervisor. There will be only one drop with a time limit of three minutes to prepare for the drop from the time the judge says to begin.
7. The drop area will be approximately 60 cm X 60 cm and make of a solid material with a target in the center of the area.

Those devices which prevent the egg from breaking or showing any detectable cracks will be scored. Devices will be ranked according to their masses. Those devices exclusively designed to catch the falling egg will receive a 10% bonus deduction in the mass of their package (i.e. a 220-gram egg catching device would be scored as 198 grams with the 10% bonus deduction). The lightest device will be declared the winner.

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