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Boggle Science
Teams of two students will attempt to locate science words pertaining to a particular subject on a board of 16 letters.

Number of Participants / Approximate Time
Up to 2 / 30 minutes

The Competition
1. Teams will be given a board of 16 letters arranged in a 4 by 4 square pattern and a subject/category. All teams will receive the same boards and categories.
2. Boards and categories will be given in sets of three. Each board will contain 3 to 12 words pertaining to a single category. Five minutes will be allowed for teams to locate words in each set of three boards.
3. To make a word, students will start with a letter and each succeeding letter in the word must touch the previous letter in some way (share a side or touch corners). No letter square may be used more than one in the same word. Abbreviations, contractions, and hyphenated words and foreign words not found in an English dictionary are not acceptable. Singular and plural forms of a word count as the same word, i.e. CAR and CARS count as the same word, but CARS could prove to be a worthy tiebreaker due to the extra letter.
4. Students will write down each word found in the blanks provided. Numbers given in the upper left corner of the letter boxes will be used to identify the first letter of the word.

One point will be awarded for each word. Ties will be broken the number of words greater than seven letters, then sequentially lower numbers of letters until a winner is determined.

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